Institutional Effectiveness Unit

EAU Institutional Effectiveness Unit’s (IEU) mission is to cultivate a climate of assessment across the campus for the purpose of improving programmess, student learning, and supporting the central mission of the university.

The IEU will:

  • Facilitate EAU's strategic planning and assessment initiatives with an emphasis on supporting EAU's mission;
  • Assist with the identification of core indicators of performance related to the strategic plan, academic programmes, and academic support units; and,
  • Facilitate all aspects related to accreditation, including standards compliance, applications, reviews, and self-evaluation documents.

IEU Goals

  • Improve all academic programmes presently offered by EAU to enhance the quality of its graduates and to further improve the reputation of academic programs offered by EAU >
  • Develop and implement a strategic enrollment management plan
  • Create a culture of assessment and assessment-based planning and decision-making
  • Develop a financial plan to achieve all goals of strategic plan
  • Enhance the quality and number of human resources to meet the needs of the University
  • Improve the efficiency and performance of educational support services
  • Review, develop, enhance and publish policies and procedures for all units

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