How to Apply

Step 1 - Choose your Course

So you want to study at EAU. But which programme is the best for you? That depends on where you are currently in your academic or professional career.

If you are just starting out, you may want to consider our Foundation and Diploma programmes. These will give you a solid grounding in your chosen specialisation, and equip you for the next level of academic study or for junior level entry into the industry.

Our Engineering and Business programmes will help prepare you for a career in aviation, delivering internationally recognised qualifications. If you are ready for advanced study, our Postgraduate courses follow a highly specialised curriculum and are accredited by a leading UK university.

If you are currently working in the aviation industry and would like to enhance your career prospects, our Professional Training courses are delivered by highly qualified instructors and provide a proven pathway to success.

As most of our courses and programmes require a minimum standard of proficiency in English, you may want to consider our English Foundation programme if English is not your first language. Alternatively, depending on the course for which you wish to apply, you may be able to appear for an English Language Entry test before enrolling

Step 2 - Check the Entry Requirements

Specific entry requirements differ on a programme-by-programme basis. Each of the individual course pages list the specific entry requirements for that that programme of study.

In general, you should demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency in English (the exact criteria differs depending on the course) and provide proof of your past academic achievement. Some advanced and professional level courses may also require additional qualifications or licenses.

Step 3 - Gather Supporting Documents

Once you are satisfied that you meet the requirements for your chosen programme, you will need to gather the required documentation to support your application. As a minimum, you will be required to provide:

  • An official copy of your school certificate, attested by the appropriate authorities
  • Academic TOEFL or academic IELTS, or EAU's English Language Entry Test pass
  • A copy of your passport, including visa page if applicable.

If you are applying for a degree programme awarded by one of our university partners, you will also need to submit a relevant Higher Diploma certificate, or equivalent.

These documents need to be submitted along with your online application, so it is important that you have scanned copies available before you complete the application form. All the relevant scanned documents should be compressed into a single archive file (.zip, .sit or similar) ready to be uploaded with your application. The maximum file size cannot exceed 2 MB.

Step 4 - Apply

Once you have chosen a programme, made sure that you meet the entry requirements and prepared your supporting documentation, you can then apply online.

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