Applied Master (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering


Emirates Aviation University and Coventry University UK are offering you the chance to study towards a part-time Applied Master (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering degree. The programme presents an overview of the techniques of modern mechanical engineering themes, presenting examples of use from a wide range of disciplines and industries applicable to the gulf region. Those include : Solar Thermal Energy, Refrigeration and Air-condition, Advanced Materials and Processes, Computer Aided Engineering with Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Engineering Analysis and Simulation, Advanced Structural Analysis and Concepts, and Stress and Dynamics. The programme is taught on a part-time basis, in five day blocks per module, held every two months. Modules are delivered by a specialist team of academics drawn from EAU’s pool of international visiting faculties flying from across the globe.

Why enrol on this programme?

The Applied Master (MSc) Mechanical Engineering will enable you to develop your understanding and analytical skills in various mechanical engineering related topics. It provides advanced postgraduate education in the theory and practice of the specialisation. It includes a broad range of mechanical engineering topics designed to suit the requirements of the region.

The programme’s general aims are:

  • To develop, learn and apply new theories, concepts and methods in new and challenging situations.
  • To develop extensive knowledge and understanding of a wide range of engineering materials, manufacturing processes, systems and components in unfamiliar scenarios.
  • To apply mathematical and computer-based models for solving problems in untried areas and environments.
  • To comprehensively understand the design processes and to generate innovative designs for products, systems, components or processes.
  • To analyse and assess commercial risks, management and business practices, associated with the introduction in new situations and environments.
  • To analyse developing technologies and analytical techniques related to Mechanical Engineering technology and their limitations.


The Applied Master (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering is a dual award programme conferred by Emirates Aviation University and Coventry University, UK. The EAU award is recognised by the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) in the UAE.

Career prospects

A wide range of potential careers will be open to you on graduation including the opportunity to work as a mechanical engineer in energy, oil and aerospace industries. You will learn to manage the process of industrial development which is essential to assure future commercial success.

Mechanical engineers are employed in all sectors of industrial operation and, in addition, their analytical and management skills are keenly sought in a wider commercial context. Upon the completion of the master’s programme, opportunities also exist to complete a PhD research degree at Emirates Aviation University awarded by Coventry University, UK.


Eighteen months, part time.

Mode of delivery

The programme is delivered on a part-time basis, in five day blocks per module, held every two months. Modules span the weekend to facilitate minimum disruption for participants in full time employment. All classes are delivered at our new campus located in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC).

Course outline

The course consists of eight modules and a dissertation.

1. Computational Fluid Dynamics
2. Advanced Materials and Processes
3. Computer Aided Engineering with Finite Element Analysis
4. Engineering Analysis and Simulation
5. Advanced Structure Analysis Concepts
6. Stress and Dynamics
7. Solar Thermal Energy
8. Refrigeration and Air-condition
9. Individual Project

Entry requirements

For professional advice on entry requirements, please contact EAU Postgraduate Admissions Department on +971 46050109 / +971 46050104 /+971 46050112 or e-mail:

Tuition Fees

Application Fee* Registration Fee* Tuition Fees
N/A AED 2,500 AED 105,000


How to Apply

For information on how to apply for a course at Emirates Aviation University, see our Admissions Guide.

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