Student Welfare & Support

Student Welfare & Support

Health Services

The university has an on-campus first-aid centre to provide emergency health services to students. For serious injuries or emergencies requiring hospital treatment, an ambulance will be called to transfer the student to a suitable hospital. The expenses incurred for ambulance and hospital treatment will be borne by the student.

Student Counselling

Emirates Psychology Department provides psychometric evaluations and professional counselling to any EAU students who require their services.

The purpose of professional counselling is to help students appropriately manage the stress and challenges they face in their academic and personal lives. It can also help students to adapt to university life and make their experience at EAU more satisfying and productive.

The staff at Emirates Psychology department is highly trained, experienced, and helpful. They can provide valuable advice and guidance on a variety of concerns and issues including stress management and how to overcome fear of failure, guilt, anger, or depression. Personal information discussed in counselling sessions is always kept confidential.

Students in need of professional counselling services can approach the Student Services Office, either directly or through their academic advisor. The Student Affairs Officer at SSO will then refer the student to the Emirates Psychology Department.

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