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Dr. Abdelwahab Bensouilah

Assistant Professor, Faculty  of Mathematics and Data Science

Telephone: +971 4 6050197


Dr Abdelwahab Bensouilah earned his PhD from Université de Lille (France) in November 2019, after that he moved to NYU Abu Dhabi as a postdoctoral associate. Establishing a profile decomposition theorem adapted to the Schrödinger equation with an inverse square potential, he succeeded in solving the open question of mass concentration of singular solutions as well as settling some problems regarding the orbital stability of solitary waves. He also conducted joint works on several Schrödinger-type equations. Working in the field of partial differential equations got Dr Bensouilah interested in quantum physics and more precisely condensed matter physics. He gave an elementary derivation of the Josephson tunneling phenomena which has a lot of applications in science.

  • PhD (mathematics), University de Lille, France, 2019
  • Master’s degree (mathematics), Université de Lille, France, 2016
  • Bachelor with honour (mathematics), Université de Lille, France, 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Theoretical physics
  • Electromagnetism
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