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Sebastian Hall

Honorary Research Associate

Sebastian is currently flying the Boeing 777 for Emirates Airline. Before joining Emirates in 2016 he was a Squadron Leader in the UK’s Royal Air Force as the Officer Commanding STANDARDS for all the RAF’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft. While still serving Sebastian concurrently held the safety-critical position of Accountable Manager at a UK-based flying club and was chairman of the Flying Control Committee at 2 large international airshows. He gained his MBA from Staffordshire University in 2017, writing his final dissertation on the role of Behavioral Economics and Psychology among pilots.

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA), Staffordshire University, United Kingdom, 2017
  1. Economics
  2. Human Resource Management 
  3. Pilot Psychology 
  4. Industrial Relations
  5. Employee Development 
  1. Hall S , Job Embeddedness Theory: A Solution to the Global Commercial Pilot Shortage? In: Proceedings of the 4th International Aviation Management Conference (Eds. H. Al Ali and Z. Mukandavire), IAMC-2022, Emirates Aviation University, Dubai, UAE, 21-22 November 2022,pp.98-107, 2022 Link 
  2. Hall S., The Worlds Commercial Pilots are Low in Supply but High in Homogeneity, International Journal of Aviation Management, In press, 2022.