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EAU Publications

  • 2022
    • Al Ali H, Daneshkhah A, Boutayeb A, Malunguza NJ, Mukandavire Z, Exploring dynamical properties of a Type 1 diabetes model using sensitivity approaches, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Vol. 201, 324-342, 2022. Link
    • Joda A, Mohmmed AO, Tolouei E. A Parametric Study on the Propulsion Performance of MAVs flapping foils, Advances in Science and Engineering Technology International Conferences (ASET), pp. 1-6, 2022. Link
    • Bkar OA, Ovinis M, Mohmmed AO. A Comparative Analysis of In-Situ Optical Velocimetries for Oil Spill Flow Rate Estimation. Fluids. 7(4):126, 2022. Link
    • Mohd Mustafa, G. Anandhakumar, Anju Anna Jacob, Ngangbam Phalguni Singh, S. Asha, S. Arockia Jayadhas, Hybrid Renewable Power Generation for Modeling and Controlling the Battery Storage Photovoltaic System, International Journal of Photoenergy, Vol. 2022, Article ID 9491808, 12 pages, 2022. Link
    • Al Ali H, Daneshkhah A, Boutayeb A & Mukandavire Z, Examining Type 1 Diabetes Mathematical Models Using Experimental Data,  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19, no. 2: 737, 2022. Link

  • 2021
    • Boutayeb W, Badaoui M, Al Ali H, Boutayeb A, Lamlili M. Use of Data Mining in the prediction of risk factors of Type 2 diabetes mellitus in Gulf countries, Mathematical Modeling and Computing, 8(4), 638–645, (2021). Link
    • Murewanhema G, Mukwenha S, Dzinamarira T, Mukandavire Z, Cuadros D, Madziva R, Chingombe I, Mapingure M, Herrera H, Musuka G. Optimising COVID-19 Vaccination Policy to Mitigate SARS-CoV-2 Transmission within Schools in Zimbabwe. Vaccines (Basel). 2021 Dec 15;9(12):1481. Link
    • Kim H, Musuka GN, Mukandavire Z, Branscum A, Cuadros DF. When distance matters: Mapping HIV health care underserved communities in sub-Saharan Africa. PLOS Global Public Health, 1(11): e0000013, (2021). Link
    • Awad SF, Musuka G, Mukandavire Z, Froass D, MacKinnon NJ, Cuadros DF. Implementation of a Vaccination Program Based on Epidemic Geospatial Attributes: COVID-19 Pandemic in Ohio as a Case Study and Proof of Concept. Vaccines. 2021; 9(11):1242. Link
    • Mohmmed AO,  Al-Kayiem HH,  Osman AB, Investigations on the slug two-phase flow in horizontal pipes: Past, presents, and future directives, Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 238,2021,116611, ISSN 0009-2509. Link
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    • Correa-Agudelo E,  Kim HY,  Musuka GN, Mukandavire Z, Akullian A & Cuadros DF, Associated health and social determinants of mobile populations across HIV epidemic gradients in Southern Africa, Journal of Migration and Health, Volume 3,2021,100038,ISSN 2666-6235. Link
    • Correa-Agudelo E, Kim HY, Musuka GN, Mukandavire Z, Miller FD, Tanser F, Cuadros DF. The epidemiological landscape of anemia in women of reproductive age in sub-Saharan Africa. Scientific Reports. 2021 Jun 7;11(1):11955. Link
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