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Interactive Online Programmes BSc (Hons) in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management


The field of Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management is playing an increasingly significant role as businesses and organizations extend their operations across the globe. Therefore, companies are continually looking to employ suitably qualified personnel who can provide the skills necessary to support the progress of rapidly developing supply chains.

The BSc in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a three-year programme designed in line with international standards. The programme aims to provide a high-quality business education with a strong focus on logistics and supply chain management. The curriculum is carefully designed to integrate several core business modules with a range of specialised major modules that focus on topics related to aspects of global logistics and supply chain management.

Why enrol on this programme?

The interactive mode of online delivery of the lectures allows individuals employed in full-time work to earn a bachelor’s degree while they work. Your geographical location or work-related commitments will no longer prevent you from achieving your desired degree. All modules are primarily delivered by experts based in Europe who are highly qualified in their respective fields.

You will gain understanding of how global logistics and supply chains operate, the challenges involved in managing a business and what makes it successful. You will study a variety of business and global logistics and supply chain subjects such as accounting, economic environment, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, and human resource management as well as specialist global logistics and supply chain modules. The emphasis is on application to global logistics and supply chain organizations.

Career Prospects

On completion of the programme you will gain the necessary knowledge and preparedness to undertake various role and responsibilities related to becoming a Supply Chain Manager, Procurement Specialist, Store Manager, Warehouse Manager or an Inventory Planning & Control Specialist.

Programme Delivery

You will study 9 mandatory modules in Year1 and Year2; followed by 6 mandatory modules in the final year. All classes are delivered interactively and online by international faculty from around the globe. Classes are recorded for future student’s reference.

Each module is allocated five weeks of student efforts. The actual lecturer delivery face-to-face (interactively and online) is during the first 5 days of the five weeks period. The five-days delivery span two weekends (Friday to Sunday from week1 followed by Saturday and Sunday from week2). Assessments take place (interactively and online) at the end of week5. This mode of delivery facilitates minimum disruption for participants in full-time employment.


The BSc (Hons) in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a dual award programme conferred by Emirates Aviation University (EAU) and Coventry University, UK. The EAU award is recognised by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai.

Student Intake

Students may join the programme at the beginning of every new module that starts in Year 1 (see the Course Outline section for further information).


Year 1 - 2022
Modules Dates
1 EAUBUS1020 Introduction to Business 4,5,6,12,13 Feb 2022
2 EABUS2035 Introduction to Marketing 11,12,13,19,20 Mar 2022
3 EABUS2020 Advanced Communications Studies 15,16,17,23,24 Apr 2022
4 EABUS2025 Introduction to Organisational Behaviour 20,21,22,28,29 May 2022
5 EABUS1010 Maths for Business 24,25,26 Jun, 2,3 Jul 2022
6 EABUS1045 Financial Accounting 29,30,31 Jul, 6,7 Aug 2022
7 EABUS1015 Microeconomics 2,3,4,10,11 Sep 2022
8 EABUS2015 Macroeconomics 7,8,9,15,16 Oct 2022
9 EALSC1011 Introduction to Logistics & Supply Chain Management 11,12,13,19,20 Nov 2022
Year 2 - 2023
Modules Dates
1 EALSC2061 Logistics & Supply Chain Team Project 3,4,5,11,12 Feb 2023
2 EABUS3015 Human Resource Management 10,11,12,18,19 Mar 2023
3 EA271EKM Procurement & Supplier Management 14,15,16,29,30 Apr 2023
4 EA212EKM Air Transport 19,20,21,27,28 May 2023
5 EALSC200 Retail & Manufacturing Logistics 23,24,25 Jun, 8,9 Jul 2023
6 EABUS3040 Internship 28,29,30 Jul, 5,6 Aug 2023
7 EALSC201 Land Transport 1,2,3,9,10 Sep 2023
8 EALSC202 Maritime Transport 6,7,8,14,15 Oct 2023
9 EALSC203 Warehouse & Inventory Management 10,11,12,18,19 Nov 2023


Year 3 - 2024
Modules Dates
1 EA303MAA International Supply Chain Management 2,3,4,10,11 Feb 2024
2 EA306MAA Customer Service & Quality Management 29,30,31 Mar, 5,6 Apr 2024
3 EA353EKM Strategic Management & Leadership 24,25,26 May, 1,2 Jun 2024
4 EA325EKM Research Methods & EA330EKM Project 19,20,21, 27,28 Jul 2024
5 EA303EKM Project Management 20,21,22,28,29 Sep 2024

The above schedule is subject to change

Knowledge and understanding

On successful completion of the programme students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

KU1     principles and practice relating to logistics and supply chain management placed in a wider sustainable environment

KU2     strategic leadership and management styles in relation to the human resource in a logistics environment

KU3     project management techniques for logistics projects as well as the management of the ongoing logistics function, methods for the analysis and design of solutions for logistics problems in a variety of national and international contexts

KU4     appropriate research methods for the analysis of logistics information systems

Cognitive skills

On successful completion of the programme a student should be able to:

CS1      undertake a problem analysis and exercise reasoned judgement in assessing logistics business needs within its wider business and economics environment

CS2      plan and execute research -oriented project work individually and in groups relating to logistics problems

CS3      research and synthesise requirements and opportunities in order to evaluate alternative logistics strategies

Practical skills

On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:

PS1      demonstrate expertise in the use of tools, technology and methods of information processing in a business organisation, especially related to logistics

PS2      apply quantitative techniques for logistics analysis and decision making

PS3      demonstrate professional responsibilities, including associated ethical and legal issues, and methods for continuing professional development

PS4      demonstrate a professional knowledge of the elements and principles of logistics

Transferable skills

On successful completion of the programme students should, at a level appropriate to a professional transport or logistics manager, be able to:

TS1      work to deadlines both individually and within teams and to show evidence of planning within time, resource, and personnel constraints

TS2      apply professional, interpersonal and transferable skills so as to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in relevant situations

TS3      evaluate research outcomes and apply problem-solving skills in a broad range of contexts within the supply chain

TS4      demonstrate a reflective and mature approach to personal development in relation to academic study and professional advancement

  • Standard Entry:
    High School Certificate – An officially certified secondary school certificate or equivalent.
  • Original TOEFL (iBT) score of 61 and above or IELTS (Academic) score of 5.0 and above

For adult/continued education entry (minimum 21 years plus experience).

Please contact EAU Admissions on +971 46050100 or e-mail:

Application Fee*

Registration Fee*

Tuition Fees (AED)



50,000 per year