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Master of Business Administration (MBA) General Management Concentration


The MBA – General Management programme provides students with a balanced insight into the  challenges  of  managing businesses. The  modern  day manager  needs  to  have  a  broad understanding  of  the  various  functions  within  an  organisation  in  order to effectively  meet organisational  goals  and objectives.  In  addition  to  this,  the  rapid  expansion  of  international trade means suppliers, customers and work colleagues are much more likely to work within a multicultural working environment. This in turn, requires a different set of skills to be able to manage both effectively and efficiently.  

The following qualification is also available as an exit award:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration – General Management

Obtain a PgDip in Business Administration (General Management) by completing 8 modules of the MBA in General Management programme.

Why enrol on this programme?

The  programme  attracts  professionals  from  a  wide  variety  of  sectors  (including  finance, manufacturing, retailing, real estate, hospitality and healthcare), who are seeking to broaden their management skills. 

The programme provides students with an opportunity to: 

  • Apply knowledge and understanding of organisations, businesses and management to solve complex issues both systematically and creatively whilst improving business and management practices.
  • Contribute to business and society at large using lifelong learning skills and personal development
  • Apply strategic decision making skills and develop the ability to work towards policy formulation and implementation 


The programme is accredited by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs, UAE. Students that successfully complete the programme have the option of obtaining a Coventry University certificate.

Career Prospects

Completion of the MBA – General Management programme provides a means of improving career  prospects  which  may  be  achieved  through  promotion  with  an  existing  employer, enhancing prospects with alternative employers or providing skills which may assist in making a career change. The  EAU MBA  is  an  accredited  degree  that  is  recognised  globally  through  its international collaboration. Many employers believe that a person who has undertaken MBA study has a good level of understanding of the 'big picture' and has obtained the skills that will enable  them  to  manage  with  greater  competence  and  confidence  in  an  ever  changing  and  complex business environment.  


Eighteen months, part time.  

Mode of delivery 

Block mode delivery (five days per course) with classes normally held every two months.  


Eighteen months, part time.

Mode of delivery

The programme is delivered on a part-time basis, in five day blocks per module, held every two months. Modules span the weekend to facilitate minimum disruption for participants in full time employment.

Course Outline

Core Modules
Financial Analysis for Managers 
Project Management 
Marketing Management 
Leadership and People Management
Concentration Modules
Supply Chain Management 
Economic Environment for Business
International Business 
Strategic Management
Research Methods

We regularly review our course content, to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. For these reasons, course modules may be updated, please contact us for the latest information.

Bachelor Degree from a recognised university with CGPA 3.0 and above. Bachelor degrees below the minimum CGPA may be admitted on a probationary basis.

For  professional  advice  on  entry  requirements,  please  contact  EAU  Admissions  on  +971 46050190  or  e-mail:

Application Fee* Registration Fee* Tuition Fees (AED)
N/A 2,625 126,000 full programme


How to Apply?

For  information  on  how  to  apply  for  a  course  at  Emirates  Aviation University, see our Admissions Guide