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Dr Reyaz Ahmad

Dr Reyaz Ahmad

Dr Reyaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor, School of Mathematics and Data Science (EAU)

Telephone: +971 4 6050198


Skilled Math Faculty with resourceful and engaging teaching style demonstrated over several years of academic experience out of which 16 years of University teaching. Caring and hardworking professional with exceptional work ethic and commitment to cultivating productive learning environments to drive student progress and comprehension.

  • PhD Mathematics, Magadh University, India, 2003
  • MSc (Pure Mathematics), University of Burdwan, India, 1980
  • BSc (Math Honors), University of Burdwan, India, 1977
  • Statistics for Business
  • Business Mathematics
  • Foundation Mathematics
  • Calculus for Solving Engineering Problems
  • Mathematics
  • Operator Inequalities
  • Function Analysis
  • BCK Algebra
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