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Strategic Plan

At EAU, Everything we do is inspired and informed by Mission, Vision and Objectives.

Our over-arching goal is to provide our students with a quality learning environment, and to equip them with the knowledge, tools and experience they require to enjoy a successful career in aviation.


  • To serve the multifaceted aviation educational needs of students from the UAE, as well as students from the greater Middle Eastern and subcontinent regions.
  • To offer outstanding academic and applied educational programmes that allow students to develop creative, analytical, communication and critical thinking skills in a collaborative, nurturing environment that promotes lifelong learning and contributes to success in their professional careers.
  • To value and support academic and applied research amongst its faculty both in their disciplines and in the appropriate pedagogy necessary to be effective teachers and to serve the aviation industry.
  • To support community outreach through collaboration between the University and the wider communities, both locally and internationally,  with regards to the exchange of knowledge and resources. Through sustainable collaborative arrangements the University will strive to advance academic and applied learning to benefit civic responsibility and the public good, through research, mentoring and out-reach scholarships, primarily relating to the aviation sector.


  • To be one of the world's leading institutions of higher education in aviation related disciplines.

Strategic Goals 

  • Goal I-To be differentiated, industry-focused university offering aviation-related degrees, postgraduate courses and training.
    I.A Programmes and curricula: Emirates Aviation University will continue to offer a range of specialized, aviation-focused programmes based on curricula that are aligned with industry needs.
    I.B Student attraction: Emirates Aviation University will leverage its market differentiators to attract and develop a sustainable pipeline of in-demand talent for the aviation industry.
    I.C Research: Emirates Aviation University will specialize in applied research to address the most pressing industry challenges raised by industry partners, including Emirates Group.
  • Goal III-To demonstrate its high quality through local and international accreditation and confidence in Emirates branding
    III.A Institutional quality: Emirates Aviation University will acquire a reputation for excellence in training, teaching and research strengthened by a wide range of local and international accreditation.
    III.B Governance and management: Emirates Aviation University will continuously enhance its governance structure aligning it to best international practices.
    III.C Branding: Emirates Aviation University will look to more closely associate itself with Emirates Group in order to leverage its strong brand and the many benefits it entails.