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Strategic Plan

At EAU, Everything we do is inspired and informed by Mission, Vision and Objectives.


Provide exceptional education in aviation and related disciplines that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning, while encouraging faculty research and promoting community outreach to benefit the industry, society, and the public good.


  • To be the world’s leading institute of higher education in aviation and related disciplines.

Goals and Objectives

  • I. Programmes and Curricula

    I. Programmes and Curricula: Align programmes with industry needs and provide professional training in collaboration with industry.

    1. Stay current on industry trends and regularly assess programmes to align with relevant skills and knowledge.

    2. Provide professional training and programmes to address the changing needs of industry.

    3. Partner with industry leaders to enhance our profile as a leading provider of real-world focused education and training.

  • II. Student Experience and Success

    II. Student Experience and Success: Provide exceptional learning experience, fostering research, innovation, inclusiveness, and diversity.

    1. Enhance student experience by promoting accessibility, affordability, diversity, and inclusivity.

    2. Maintain comprehensive internship programmes that provide practical experience and skill development.

    3. Develop students' skills for in-demand careers and foster a collaborative learning environment that promotes research and innovation.

  • III. Talent Recruitment and Retention

    III. Talent Recruitment and Retention: Foster interactive work environment which offers, ergonomic workspaces, innovation, work-life balance, diversity, inclusion, and attractive compensation and benefits.

    1. Provide attractive compensation and benefits package to attract and retain talented faculty and staff.

    2. Offer ergonomic work environment that enhances the quality of teaching and research.

    3. Foster an inclusive and diverse culture that promotes innovation and provides opportunities for career advancement and work-life balance.

  • IV. International Presence

    IV. International Presence: Expand global reach by increasing programme offerings, collaborations, visibility, and alumni network.

    1. Broaden the range of programmes offerings including dual award, online courses, and exchange opportunities.

    2. Enhance global presence and reputation through collaboration with renowned international institutions and participation in global events.

    3. Foster a strong alumni network by providing networking opportunities, career services, and showcasing alumni accomplishments.

  • V. Institutional Sustainability

    V. Institutional Sustainability: Achieve sustainable growth, ensuring efficient and effective resource management.

    1. Ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the University while being mindful of community engagement.

    2. Foster agile and effective organizational structure.

    3. Embrace latest technology and reduce environmental footprint.