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Student Council

EAU Student Council is a body formed under the guidance and supervision of the Student Services Office.

Members of the Student Council are elected by the students of EAU. The main purpose of the Council is to act as a link between the Student Services Office and the student community, to provide opportunities for extracurricular activities.

The council also acts as a channel for communication between students, faculty and administration staff to assist the formation of organised groups, clubs and teams. Current organised activities include sports, culture, art, media, science and social pursuits.

Roles and responsibilities

The Student Council is an unbiased and impartial body. It follows a non-discrimatory policy and ensures that students of EAU enjoy equal treatment and opportunity irrespective of gender, race, colour, religion, physical ability or economic status.


The Student Council operates under the direct supervision of the Student Services Office and has its own Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary. The members of the Council represent the entire student population and, nominees for election are chosen from all academic programmes, irrespective of the level of programme or gender.

Faculty Advisor

The council is free to choose a faculty member to act as its advisor. The faculty member will assist the Council in developing plans for activities and give guidance when needed to ensure that such activities do not clash with the goals of the university. The advisor will also advise the council on issues and concerns raised with the academic management at university and department levels.