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Admissions Guide

Admissions Guide

  • Step 1- Choose your Programme

    So you want to study at EAU. But which programme is the best for you? That depends on where you are currently in your academic or professional career.

    If you are just starting out, you may want to consider our Foundation and Diploma programmes. These will give you a solid grounding in your chosen specialisation and equip you for the next level of academic study or for junior level entry into the industry.

    Our Engineering and Business programmes will help prepare you for a career in aviation, delivering internationally recognised qualifications. If you are ready for advanced study, our postgraduate programmes  follow a highly specialised curriculum and are accredited by a leading UK university.

    If you are currently working in the aviation industry and would like to enhance your career prospects, our Professional Training courses are delivered by highly qualified instructors and provide a proven pathway to success.

  • Step 2- Entry Requirements

    Specific entry requirements differ on a programme-by-programme basis. Each of the individual course pages list the specific entry requirements for that that programme of study.

    In general, you should demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency in English (the exact criteria differ depending on the course) and provide proof of your past academic achievement. Some advanced and professional level courses may also require additional qualifications or licenses.

  • Step 3- Gathering appropriate documentation

    Once you are satisfied that you meet the requirements for your chosen programme, you will need to gather the required documentation to support your application. As a minimum, you will be required to provide:

    Undergraduate Programmes:

    • An official copy of your high school certificate and transcripts, attested by the appropriate authorities
    • Academic TOEFL or academic IELTS, EMSAT, Cambridge, PTE Academic, City & Guilds IESOL/SESOL, or EAU's English Language Entry Test pass where applicableA copy of your passport, including visa page (if applicable)
    • A copy of your UAE ID (if applicable)
    • Personal Photographs

    Postgraduate Programmes:

    • An official copy of your Bachelor’s degree, attested by the appropriate authorities or an official copy of professional licenses
    • Academic TOEFL, academic IELTS, EMSAT, Cambridge, PTE Academic, or City & Guilds IESOL/SESOLA copy of your passport, including visa page (if applicable)
    • A copy of your UAE ID (if applicable)
    • Service/experience letters (if applicable)
    • Personal Photographs

    These documents will be requested by the Admissions Office at any time during your admission process. Additional documents might be required depending on the case.

  • Step 4- Application

    Once you have chosen a programme, make sure that you meet the entry requirements and prepare your supporting documentation, you can then apply online.

    Enter all the details required in the online application form. Any omissions or falsifications of information in your application form will be sufficient reason for rejection or dismissal.

    During the application process, Admissions staff may request additional documents to complete the assessment of your application.

    If you require a UAE visa sponsored by the University, you need to indicate the same on your application form.

  • Step 5- Offer letter of Acceptance

    The Admissions Office will issue you a conditional letter of acceptance if the qualifications entered in your online application meet the entry requirements of the selected programme.

    The offer letter of acceptance is only valid for:

    • The semester applied for (Full-Time Programmes)
    • 6 months from date of issue (Modular, Part-time and Postgraduate Programmes) unless otherwise specified
  • Step 6- Submission of documents for verification

    The Admissions Office will advise you what documents are required for submission at the time the offer letter of acceptance is sent. Submit scanned copies of the documents as requested by your admissions officer.

  • Step 7- Payment of Reservation Fees where applicable

    In some programmes, due to high demand and limited seats, you will be required to pay a reservation fee to secure a seat in the programme. Reservation fees are non-refundable but are adjustable against the full tuition fees. Reservation fees do not mean you are enrolled in the programme, they simply mean that you will be offered a seat subject to settling the full tuition fees by the specified deadline.

  • Step 8- Enrolment

    An applicant is considered enrolled in a programme when full tuition fees are paid. If a UAE visa sponsored by the University is required, Visa processing fees will be charged separately and must be paid along with the tuition fees.

  • Step 9- Visa

    If you require a UAE visa sponsored by the University, you need to indicate the same on your application form.

    Visas can only be processed after full registration/tuition/visa fees are paid. And you may be requested to submit additional documents at the time of visa processing.

    Visas processing normally takes a minimum of 3 weeks so make sure you settle your fees at least a month before the start date of the programme to avoid any delay in joining classes. For more details on the visa process please visit the Visa Process section.