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Visa Formalities

Visa Formalities

It is mandatory that all students, attending full-time programmes, to carry a valid UAE residence visa during their study period at Emirates Aviation University. We can assist our students with a UAE residence visa under our university visa sponsorship, provided that all registration formalities are complete and course fee is paid.

Please note the following:-

  • Student Residence visas can be provided to all students, except to those attending short courses / training programmes.
  • Overseas students wishing to attend entrance tests are responsible for arranging their visit visa to UAE.
  • Students are responsible to settle the visa charges including blood test and UAE ID.
  • The Student residence visa is normally valid for one year, and is renewable for returning students. The processing charges will be borne by the student on each renewal.
  • If student wish to withdraw from the programme / semester, prior to the expiry date of the visa, the visa must be cancelled immediately and student will have to make arrangements to leave UAE or seek another visa sponsor. If student wish to re-register at EAU, a new visa will be provided.
  • Students whose visa applications are rejected by Dubai immigration department will have their tuition fees( but not registration fees) refunded , and on pro-rata basis, for returning students. Any other official processing charges incurred will be borne by individual student.
  • Graduated students must report to the visa section at EAU to cancel their visas immediately after receiving their final exam marks, failure to do so will result in penalties and fines.

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