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Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Explore the state-of-the-art facilities available to EAU students.

At Emirates Aviation University, we ensure that the latest teaching and learning resources are available for our students, faculty and staff.

The University is in a prime landscaped site in Dubai, offering students the opportunity to study in an attractive environment that is conducive to productive learning.


All classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, while students have access to wireless and local area networks, plus online resources.

Labs & Workshops

EAU provides fully equipped laboratories and workshops to enhance its engineering programmes. The Engineering programme is supported by the following laboratories and workshop:

  1. Aerodynamics -Laboratory
  2. Electrical/Electronic Laboratory
  3. Material and Structure / Physics Lab
  4. Engine Workshop
  5. Avionics Workshop
  6. Mechanical Workshop
  7. Digital Lab
  8. PCB Lab
EAU Learning Resource Centre

The Emirates Aviation University EAU Learning Resource Centre (EAU LRC) has been designed to enrich the learning process and to provide the material and resources to support the curriculum and general information needs of both students and faculty.

In addition to books, professional journals and magazines, the EAU LRC also provides on-campus access to a wide range of online resources. Working in conjunction with the university's academic departments, the EAU LRC provides the necessary academic resources for all the aviation, tourism and management courses taught at the university.

EAU LRC is also a popular study area for students, providing a lending service which allows them to borrow books and other resources for study at home.