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Goals & Objectives

  • Research Collaboration: Develop research partnerships among member institutions, including the aviation industry, to advance aviation technology, safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

  • Student Exchange Programmes: Facilitate international mobility for students, enabling them to gain diverse cultural experiences and perspectives while enhancing their academic and professional growth.

  • Faculty Exchange: Promote the exchange of faculty members to facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-pollination of teaching methods and research expertise.

  • Joint Programmes: Develop joint academic programmes that provide students with access to a broader range of specialised courses and expertise from member institutions and industry partners.

  • Aviation Industry Engagement: Encourage member institutions to collaborate with the aviation industry in addressing real-world challenges, developing practical solutions and innovations, including joint projects, internships, and industry mentorship programmes.

  • Conferences and Seminars: Organise international conferences, seminars, and workshops to bring together experts, researchers, students, and representatives from aviation industry to discuss and disseminate aviation knowledge.