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Applied Bachelor Aircraft Maintenance Engineering


The Aviation Market worldwide is growing with rising employment opportunities for the Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.  Airline fleets are growing as the number of travellers are on the increase.  Statistics indicate that in the near future the aviation industry will have a high demand for Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

EAU has developed this programme where students can achieve the bachelor’s degree in addition to the GCAA and the EASA license. This is unique and the students have the possibility of completing the bachelor degree modules along with the 2 years of Practical Maintenance Experience which is facilitated by one of the fastest growing airline in the world i.e. Emirates Airline. Such paradigm of the curriculum has been set to provide the industry with licensed engineers such as to overcome the need of the airline industry in the future. EAU is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to conduct the A1, B1.1 (Aeroplanes Turbine), B1.2 (Aeroplanes Piston) and B2 (Avionics) Licence programmes. These programmes are run through Regulation Part/Car 147 and follows approved Regulation Part/Car 66 for the syllabus of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

The duration of this programme is 4 ½ years and on completion of this programme, the students will be awarded with “Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering” and CoRs (Certificate of Recognition) which is recognised by both the European authority i.e. EASA and the UAE authority i.e. GCAA. Above all, the students will be able to apply for the “Basic Category of B licence” after completing the PME and this adds uniqueness to the individual. Also, the students have the possibility of exiting within this programme after 2 ½ years in order to complete the practical maintenance experience with an approved 145 organisation elsewhere.

Why enrol on this programme?

This programme gives aircraft maintenance engineers, holders of a GCAA / EASA category B1/B2 licence or equivalent, the opportunity to develop their career and consolidate their professional experience by gaining a locally and internationally recognised academic award. Based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in the next 20 years, airlines will have to add 25,000 new aircraft to the current 17,000 strong commercial fleet. By 2026, the industry will need 480,000 new technicians to maintain these aircraft. Clearly, the international market has a sizable shortage of Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

In addition, this programme provides the pathway to enrol in master’s degree without having to undertake extra professional work experience after obtaining the aircraft basic engineer’s licence.


The Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance is accredited by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs. The Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and the Certificates of Recognition are awarded by the Emirates Aviation University (EAU), EASA and GCAA respectively. 

On successful completion of the 4 ½ years Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme students obtain the following:

  • Certificates of Recognition, COR, (EASA and GCAA).
  • Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

 Students that successfully complete the programme have the option of obtaining a Coventry University certificate.

Career Prospects

EAU’s Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering graduates will have better opportunity of employment. Their career path is tailored towards becoming Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and at the same time obtaining the academic degree to progress towards higher studies. As the graduates obtain two Certificates of Recognition, they would have the opportunity to work as Licensed Engineer in any EASA or GCAA approved Airline or Maintenance Organisation and at the same time would allow them to progress and specialise in the field of maintenance without the need for extensive work experience.

Accreditation for Prior Learning (APL)

(APL) entrants who hold the Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering certificate can proceed to continue their studies towards the degree of Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. However, they will be required to complete the last two years of the programme on part time basis.

On the other hand, in addition to the above requirements, entrants who hold the GCAA/EASA CoR are required to complete a set of 7 listed additional modules in order to avail the Ministry of Education accreditation.


  • B1.1/B1.2 duration is two and a half years.
  • B1.1 can be extended to B2 with an additional semester if chosen by the learner.
  • Modular delivery for final two years.

Mode of delivery

This programme is offered on a full-time semester basis for the first 2 ½ years and then Modular basis (block mode) with classes normally held every 11 weeks (five days per module, Thursday-Monday) for the last 2 years.


The assessment is based on coursework (in-class assessments, written assignments) and/or final exam. This will typically involve an average of 40 hours of timetabled activity per module with additional independent learning.

Course Outline


Years Codes Module Award
Year 1 AME101 Engineering Mathematics I

B1.1 Certificate of Recognition

(CoR) (GCAA & EASA) & Applied bachelor’s degree

Note: * Module 16 is only needed for B1.2 CoR

AME102 Engineering Science I
AME103 Electrical Fundamentals
AME108 Basic Aerodynamics
GE100 English I
AMW107A Maintenance Practices Workshop A
AME104 Electronic Fundamentals
AME106 Aircraft Materials and Hardware
AME109 Human Factors in Aircraft Engineering
GE101 Introduction to IT

Year 2 & Last Semester

AME107 Maintenance Practice
AME110 Aviation Legislation
AME105 Digital Techniques and Avionics
AMW107B Maintenance Practices Workshop B
AME111 Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
AME117 Propellers
AME115 Gas Turbine Engines
GE104 Environmental Science
GE105 Cross Culture Studies
GE103 Islamic Culture
AMT101 Industrial Training I
AMT102 Industrial Training II
GE*** GE Elective
GE102 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
16* Piston Engine (Theory + Workshop)
Last 2 years- Modular Basis MA103 Engineering Mathematics II
AME200 Aircraft Maintenance Management
EG122 Engineering Science II
AME201 Airworthiness
AME202 Individual Maintenance Project
BS102 Total Quality Management
AME203 Aerospace Technology 2
AE107 Aerospace Industry Studies
AME204 Aircraft Safety, Security and Emergency Planning
Additional Semester 4(B2) Electronic Fundamentals B2 CoR (GCAA & EASA)
5(B2) Digital Techniques and Avionics
13(B2) Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

The above programme of study is for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change.

Further Studies

The Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance qualification provides the potential to undertake Master’s degrees in several disciplines for further career regression.

Standard Entry

  • Entrants must be 17 years minimum.
  • High School Certificate - A recognised and officially certified secondary school certificate or equivalent with a minimum 75% as a total average. Applications with scores below 75% may be reviewed and the applicant will be subject to an interview.
  • Alternatively:

    • Five GCSE/IGCSE O-level subjects + 2 GCE AS-level subjects with a minimum grade ‘C’ in all OR
    • Five GCSE/IGCSE O-level subjects + 1 GCE AS-level subject 1 + GCE A-level subject with a minimum grade ‘D’ in either Maths or Physics.
  • All applicants must demonstrate a competence to study using the English Language. This would normally be a minimum of: TOEFL Paper Based (500); or TOEFL CBT (173); or TOEFL IBT (61); or IELTS (5) or PTE Academic (36).

Non-Standard Entry

  • Applications involving non-standard qualifications or mature candidates are welcome and will be considered on their merit.

For any further information regarding specific qualifications, please contact the Admissions Office on +9714 6050122/124/174.

Application Fee* Registration Fee* Tuition Fees (AED)
N/A 2,625 83,790 per year -first 2.5 years
N/A 2,625 94,500 last 2 years (full programme)


*Tuition Fees inclusive of VAT 5%

How to Apply?

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