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Emirates Aviation University receives a wind tunnel with grant from Boeing Middle East

Wind tunnel to enhance study of aerodynamics and other engineering sciences

Dubai, UAE, 28 April 2021: Emirates Aviation University (EAU), a leading educational institution for aeronautical and aviation studies in the Middle East, has introduced a wind tunnel to its facilities with a grant from Boeing Middle East. The new wind tunnel will give students practical and experimental learning opportunities to examine flow physics around aircraft and other vehicles and machines.

Over 400 undergraduate and postgraduate students at EAU’s School of Engineering will benefit from the new wind tunnel. As a teaching tool, it will enable them to conduct experiments under different simulated wind force conditions.

The wind tunnel complements the EAU School of Engineering’s curriculum which has a focus on providing hands-on experience and research opportunities for Bachelor degree programmes such as Aerospace Design Projects, Experimental Techniques, and Flight Vehicle Dynamics & Stability; as well as Master’s degree programmes like Computational Fluid Dynamics, Engineering Analysis and Simulation, and Flight Dynamics and Simulation. The resource will also help enrich the courses, for instance with the visualization of flow over airfoils and aircraft, and calculating values such as pressure, lift, drag and others.

Dr Ahmad Al Ali, Vice-Chancellor of Emirates Aviation University said: "The wind tunnel is an exciting addition to our educational offering here at EAU. It will not only enhance the academic knowledge of our students but will also provide them with hands-on expertise based on concrete investigation and trials in simulated conditions. I would like to thank Boeing for their support on this project and their continued partnership with Emirates Aviation University to help improve the educational opportunities of our students."

Dr Ahmad Al Ali added: "We look forward to unveiling more projects in the near future, with the support of Boeing, to continue enriching our curriculum and our students’ experience."

"We have been partnering with Emirates Aviation University (EAU) since 2017, as part of our commitment to support UAE’s future workforce. Each year, we work together to identify areas of collaboration to further enhance their students’ experiential learning and increase their competitiveness when they graduate. We are pleased that we were able to support EAU this year with a wind tunnel that will help demonstrate the important principles of flow physics in our industry" said Bernard Dunn, Boeing president, Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

The "Wind Tunnel" is one of various EAU projects, community engagements and training resources sponsored by Boeing since 2017. In 2018, the university purchased a CNC Machine used for both academic and co-curricular purposes to aid students in understanding machining processes. Courses such as Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing benefited from the CNC machine for practical demonstration. In 2019 the university purchased two 3D printers which students now use to produce 3D-printed components for their engineering projects. Boeing also fully sponsors the annual Water Rocket Competition, where contestants from different schools across the UAE are challenged to design and construct a rocket that can achieve the greatest distance from a launch angle of 45 degrees.