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Dr. Zainab Rasheed

Dr Reyaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Mathematics and Data Science 

Telephone: +971 4 6050196


Dr. Zainab Rasheed, an accomplished academician with an Ed.D. in Education, commands over two decades of influential presence in the educational landscape of the UAE. Renowned for her prowess in Artificial Intelligence, virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, Blockchain, and Big data, Dr. Zainab is a distinguished researcher and visionary leader in academia.

Educational Leadership: As the Director of Innovation and Technology at Zennova Technology and Director of Academic Strategy and International Relations at Hertfordshire Graduate School, Dr. Zainab spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives that seamlessly integrated Blockchain, AI and AR technology in educational pedagogy. Her strategic foresight cultivated Academic programs as per industrial requirements, global partnerships, enriching academic frameworks and fostering cross-border collaborations.

Expertise in AI and Emerging Technologies: Dr. Zainab’s expertise lies at the intersection of AI, computer vision, and intelligent agents. Her innovative approaches in leveraging Augmented Reality tools and technologies have been pivotal in shaping the educational landscape. She possesses an in-depth understanding of the UAE Higher Education System, aligning curricula with the dynamic demands of the industry.

Research and Academic Impact: A prolific researcher, Dr. Zainab’s publications reflect a commitment to advancing pedagogy. Her systematic reviews on augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and personalized learning underscore her dedication to exploring the frontiers of educational augmentation. Her systematic reviews reflect a commitment to pioneering approaches in personalized learning through AI.

Global Recognition: Recognized for her outstanding leadership, Dr. Rasheed received the prestigious "Education 2.0 - Outstanding Leadership Award 2022." Her role as the UAE Country Representative on the MENASA-NASPA Board and as a Judge for prestigious educational innovation awards underscores her commitment to global educational excellence.

Inspiring the Academic Community & Next Generation: A sought-after speaker, Dr. Rasheed has contributed to workshops and conferences, exploring the impact of AI, AR, and generative technologies in various industries. Her keynote presentations resonate with a vision of technology as a harbinger of quality standards in assessment and evaluation. Dr. Zainab Rasheed stands as a luminary in the academic community, guiding the future of computer sciences through her multifaceted expertise, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to technological innovation.

  • Professional Doctorate in Education - Higher Education, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • Masters of Science Database System and Technology – Database Systems, Preston University

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing Science, University of Greenwich, Greenwich, United Kingdom

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Database Technologies
  • Computer vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Quantum Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
  • Educational Pedagogies
  • Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Quantum Computing
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  • Rasheed, Zainab (2023), “Educational Innovation amidst Globalization: Higher Education Institutions and Societal Integration.”, IgMin Research – STEM. Link
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  • Rasheed, Zainab and Nawaz, M. (2016). Comprehensive appraisal on embedded RFID security and privacy concerns in scholastic management system restraining adaption. International Journal of scientific research and engineering research. Link
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  • Rasheed, Zainab and Nawaz, M. (2013). An in-depth analysis on integrating campus radio frequency identification system on clouds for enhancing security. J. Comput. Sci.. Link
  • Rasheed, Zainab and Nawaz, M. (2013). Smart travelling with radio frequency identification. J. Comput. Sci., Link

Conference Presentations

  • Graduates and Alumni E-credentials on BlockchainHyperledger Platform, Ellucian Conference (2020)
  • Optimized HCT Resources through Centralized Scheduling using SPLUS. Scientia User Conference (2019)