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Riham Arab

Riham Arab

Administrator, Faculty of Mathematics and Data Science

Telephone: +971 4 6050152


Riham Arab is a mathematics teaching assistant at Emirates Aviation University. With a profound love for the subject and a commitment to nurturing the academic growth of students, her journey in the field of education has been both fulfilling and rewarding. In 2018, she joined the esteemed Emirates Aviation University, where she worked closely with faculty members, and she played a pivotal role in supporting students in their maths skills. This academic background equipped her to convey complex mathematical concepts in a clear and accessible manner, fostering an engaging learning environment for the students. Her responsibilities encompass conducting tutorial classes where the students can develop a deep understanding of mathematical principles and their practical applications. Also, she provides individual guidance to ensure students grasp the fundamental concepts of mathematics.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Emirates Aviation University in 2018.

Mathematics and Statistics